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Monday, September 10, 2007

These days the main index of the Bulgarian stock exchange SOFIX /one could follow its movement on the official site of the BSE - or oninve / made its new record - 1627.09. That's 0.49% higher than last working day /here it was the last Wednesday/. The previous highest point was achieved near the beginning of August this year. After that some sort of a refreshing decline followed. Now this previous high is gone. Will it become a new bottom?.. Possibly. That's what we are waiting for. As part of the big game... :)

The tax on the companies' profit for this year has been dropped to 10% which makes it one /if not the only one/ of the lowest in Europe. This fact urged many of the companies to show more or less the real profits they have. This justified and filled up some of the high ratios at which some stocks were traded before an year.

Another interesting fact is that only 0.05% of the population of the country trades online on the stock - that is about 3000-4000 people. Of them may be only half are active traders. Could you imagine what will happen if the number of the people involved goes up to 10%? With all the money the bring?... I'm far from the thought that all these money will be put in this particular market. The main idea is that there is still a free space to be filled. A demand to be fulfilled!..

So what holds the future?.. Hardly anyone knows. We just guess, make conclusions, read, learn... Follow the market as it goes its way. In Bulgaria we don't have short selling so more or less that makes it a one way market. For now. In more long-term period...

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