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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

an interesting story...

There is a story about a man who followed the stocks only by the papers. For several months he lived up in the mountain with no TV or Internet. After that, when he had decided the time has come and the moment was right he was going down to the town and was making his trades. Depending on the trade he was buying or selling. He constituted his portfolio and went up to the mointain again. He was not in a hurry. That gave him the freedom to see the big picture.

Sometimes you have to stop. To get back from what you are doing and to relax. To keep some distance between you and your work, so you could get a better view of it. Eagles fly high! Because from that point you could see farther and wider. Predict for a longer period and at the end collect the better profit.

Sometimes we all get so close to details that we miss the whole thing. We strive to win, going up and down.. And we think we are a part of the winning team, not realizing how small our profits are and how much we lose only for the thrill of being in the midst of everything. The commission eats away much of the profits we make, the chance takes some other part and we a left with just enough profit so our desire to play do not get burned out forever. That small profit is our enemy! Forget that it pretends to be a friend.. :)

Actually it depends on what one is looking for - the thrill or the money?.. There are cases when both are closely connected but such cases should be really worthy! Otherwise what's the point in putting money in someone's else pocket?!.. If you would do so, you'd better give them deliberately to the ones in need. At least they can't make them on their own..

So don't forget to relax. Take your time and get back so you could see the bigger trends, the macro reasons and the economic conditions as a whole, not just a part of it. See wider, predict wider, think longer...

"Think global, act local" :))

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