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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

..waiting is a big part of the game...

The Bulgarian floor is opened and the game begun. These days we are in something like a floating state.. Very few of the shares go steady up, others are traded at a relatively high volumes but the price stays the same. The players are relocating their money. Making their folios and wait.

Much of the game is to wait. Patience. Including the time when you fear. You can't escape the fear and you shouldn't. Sometimes fear is our friend. It's like the pain to the body - it says that something is wrong. But one have to teach him- or her-self to recognize the panic. When you haven't done your homework, it's normal to fear. You don't have a good foundation. But in other cases you shouldn't let it torture you. Patience. And good food. :)

So we wait.. To see what will happen. At this movement. When it begins...

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