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Sunday, September 23, 2007

some calculations..

The long-awaited debut of DEVIN on the stock floor brought to the owners of the IPO shares an increase of about 23%. That is if they sold their shares on the first day of the trading. This is a profit for a two months period. For these two months the main index SOFIX rose with about 15% so compared to it the buying of DEVIN was a successful decision.

It's important to make such comparisons because this gives us an idea where an investment stays in the whole specter of alternative opportunities.

For instance if we compare this one with the debut of another well-known company on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - MONBAT - the debut of DEVIN could be a disappointment to some players. MONBAT brought an increase of about 35% to its shareholders on the first day /3rd January 2007/ its shares were traded.

There are also some companies whose prices rose with more than 23% for the given period. These are underestimated companies that just were not in the main focus of the public.

So compare this particular investment with the growth of SOFIX and it comes to be a profitable on. Compare it with some alternatives and closing much money for a two months period looks not so smart move. So viewing and understanding your investment always has at least two sides.. It depends on the person making the decision, his/her risk profile and his/her trading principles. The important thing is to not let these numerous possible viewing points of your investments /and the results of it!!/ lead you to think you are always a winner. Because sometimes not seeing that you are might have had a better deal and not understanding where and why you are wrong /I don't mean the emotional meaning of 'wrong' but rather the meaning of "not taking the best decision"/ will prevent you from seeing your mistakes and learn to trade in a better way in the future.

It's always a matter of calculations and choices... and of desirable income return...

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