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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Getting into the game..

Finances.. Dealing with them seems very hard for many people. But usualy it depends on the person and his or her perspective in viewing the matter. Stocks, options, mutual funds.. You don't have to be a financial guru to be succesfull dealing with them. You can just follow some simple steps:
  • watch
  • think
  • see
  • connect
  • act
But before you even start, don't ever forget the most important spice - LEARN. Always. Be open to collect information, to analize it. To work. "Easy money easy go"... It doesn't have to be hard, you just sometimes have to be consistent. To continue when you feel like you have no more strenght, no hope. To get up when you fall. There will be falls but view them like a lesson you might learn. Think about the money you've lost like the price you've paid for your education. There are no free lunches. And as you already have paid yours, you better learn it. Remember the saying - "it's not foolish to make mistake, it is foolish to continue in making it"!! :)

So if you see the world of finances as something very far away from you - try changing your perspective. You could learn to be succesfull if that's your innermost wish. :)

I don't have in mind to convince you in working with finances on your own. Sometimes the better deal is to let someone else taking care of your money. Usually they do it well. And in the most cases there is no particular reason why someone should leave the well organized world of pension or mutual funds and start growing his or her own fortune. But there are some people that are not satisfied with the average growth. Or they just have the need to test themselves. To see what they could do. To escape from the masses. It's risky, yes!.. But walking on the street near a construction place is also. So it depends on the person...

See you high in the financial sky! :)

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