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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bank problems...Bear Stearns & Co...

The Bear Stearns game appears to be a very interesting one. :)

Let's think - is there a better time for someone to aquire a competitor if not in a stormy time?... I'm not saying the bank didn't have problems - it most probably did. My point is... "the brilliance" of the game. :) The quicker eats the slower, the smarter - the rest. I'm sure the managers of "the Bear" are smart people. Somethimes the pure timing is all that matters. We face slow growing motions that are consisted of smaller ones. The deeper we go inside the timeframe the smaller parts we see. The particular reason the bank failed was the repo market. It's something perfectly usual and normal the banks do to provide more money for their opperations. But it happens to be a very risky one combined with other unstable parts of the body.

The stormy times provide opportunities the calm weather doesn't have. The waves of the raging sea test the quality of the ship. And the exellence of the captains. Yes, there are victims.. The hardest lessons of life are the ones that cost most. The good thing is the life goes on. And the money is to be spent. :)