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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Euro/Dollar (EUR/USD) Technical Analysis - Daily, May 11, 2010

Click on the graph for a better view.

After the initial sharp increase of the Euro value yesterday, the US Dollar gained some ground and the day closed on the negative side for the Euro.
Today the Euro went lower at first and now it's gaining again some ground.
An interesting formation is seen on the 1 hour graph (and on the 30 min also). If Euro closes on the 1 hour graph above the 1.2745/50, there could be said a bullish divergence was formed which could lead the Euro higher.
On the 4 hour graph the Stochastic is in its lowest area and still the MACD and moving averages are not suggesting a prolonged decline of the Euro.
So basically as a short term way of playing the game the lower time-frame graphs should be watched and when (or if) they show a more clear indication for an Euro increase, this could be a good point for a long Euro position with a first target around the 1.28 level.

One should keep in mind that on the daily graph the Euro is still under pressure.

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