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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

US stock market technical analysis - S&P 500, daily, 09062010

US stock market has fallen a lot. What started as a surprise to many of the players at the beginning of May continued during the whole month and now the S&P 500 index has reached one of its lowest levels for the period. The signs of the current fall were visible even in April when a series of bearish divergences were formed on the daily and weekly graphs and our expectations of a fall of the markets proved to be right. That downfall was striking to many people and now as they have fresh memories of the pains they might have taken during last 3 years, they are now more scared than ever. Suddenly almost everybody turned bearish which explains the striking volatility and sharp downfalls of the indices. But this means also one more thing - there could not be much more fuel to the inertia. And the rising of the markets could surprise at least as many people as did the sudden decrease of the indices. So much for the psychology. :)

What we see today on the daily graph might pretty much mean the bulls might take some control now.

The graph shows the index continues to make new lows but the indicators don't follow. For today the S&P 500 grew and the Stochastic shows it being in an oversold condition. Still the MAs show the index is in a negative area but those divergences could lead to an increase. Still for a long-term bullish view, this bullish divergence better be confirmed by the MAs crossing on the upside.
The weekly graph shows the index is in a downtrend but a warning sign for the bears (and a good news to the few bulls) is that on the monthly graph the index still hasn't crossed that line and is in an uptrend. There is also no MACD bearish divergence there.

Despite the uncertainty if the index will change its down trend now for the long term, the 4 hour graph shows that for tomorrow there's a big chance the increase to continue. What we see here is the bullish divergence is seen in two indicators which could definitely lead to a continuation of the increase. Around 1068-72 level could be some resistance and if that gets broken, the way up to 1100 seems open.

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