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Friday, March 18, 2011

Global YEN Intervention After the Earthquake

The Japan earthquake took the YEN to its highest level against US Dollar in the post-war era. Today G7 group intervened on the FOREX market selling YENs. The selling was started by BOJ and is reported to be followed by other members of the group. The YEN lost about 2.9% for a day. This could be only the start of it. Let's get technical.

The monthly graph shows the YEN is on a strong support level (shown by the blue horizontal line). The level sustained for several months as seen on the graph. The more important thing seen on the graph are the bullish divergences between the price and MACD indicator. The same type of divergences are seen during 1993-1995 years. Divergences of such magnitude could result in a multiyear downtrend for the YEN against the US Dollar. That would have positive effect on the Japan export economy, could result in even greater Japan dominance on the world markets of goods and eventually get the country again on the rapid development road.

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